Radio Station Consulting

Jaye Albright, Mike O’Malley and Becky Brenner make up country radio’s premiere consulting team. They help radio stations in the US and Canada increase ratings and revenue.  In addition to expert programming, marketing, and coaching advice, A&O&B offers clients unparalleled attention and services as part of the relationship.

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For many stations, outside research has fallen victim to budget cuts. However A&O&B provides Client Stations local online current and gold music testing and an annual online listener perceptual study…focus group, ratings analysis and more.

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A&O&B’s monthly promotional newsletter contains multiple original, digital ‘turn-key’ solutions.  We also help stations maximize their digital assets as well as  provide strategic recommendations on digital marketing and advertising, content repurposing across platforms, podcasting, and more.

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Sales Promotions

Need a sales promotion right now? Our “Instant Idea” on-demand, searchable promotional database is a click away. We’ve been creating original programming-friendly, sales ideas every month for nearly 20 years so there’s a LOT to look at – traditional and digital.

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Coaching, Mentoring and
Morning Show Development

We believe talent is one of the most valuable assets a station has. Growing and mentoring that talent is one of our passions. We’re so committed talent development that we even have our own morning show producer on staff who provides daily topics, audio and tips.

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Branding and Marketing

Standing out in today’s marketplace is difficult but critical. We help stations with strategies and tactics so that they speak with a strong brand voice across all listener touch-points.

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Reach Mike O’Malley at 732.937.5757 or Mike@AandOandB.com

Reach Becky Brenner at 206.595.7086 or Becky@AandOandB.com

Or fill out the form to the right and we’ll get get back to you ASAP.

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