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A&O&B Overview

Albright, O’Malley and Brenner are North America’s leading country radio consultants. Past and present clients include many of the major broadcasters in the US and Canada as well as small groups and independents.

The Company was formed in 1994 when Jaye and Mike merged their consulting businesses. Becky joined in 2012 and the company name was changed soon after from A&O to A&O&B.

A&O&B are experts in all aspects of programming as well as marketing strategies and tactics, social media, and digital. We excel in talent and PD/OM Coaching.  The Company also provides turn-key promotions for sales, digital presentations and programming, as well as in-depth ratings analysis and custom qualitative and quantitative projects.

We believe in high-touch and make our accessibility a priority.

Meet The Team

  • Jaye Albright

    Consultant Emeritus

    Jaye Albright is one of America's most honored and respected radio consultants. She is a 50+ year...

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  • Mike O’Malley

    Consulting Partner

    Mike is a conceptual problem solver, a creative and original thinker, and a seer of possibilities....

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  • Becky Brenner

    Consulting Partner

    Becky enjoys collaborating, coaching and creating success for clients. Radio and Country Music are...

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  • Dan Van

    A&O&B On-Staff Morning Show Producer

    Dan, with credeitials as a major market morning show producer, now brings his skills to A&O&B morning...

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  • Mike Oakes

    Research Analyst/AC & Classic Hits Specialist

    Mike Oakes is a 40+ year broadcaster and has worked for A&O&B since 2000. A major market programmer,...

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  • Janet Trecarten

    Canadian Music Coordinator

    Janet Trecarten is a major market PD/MD who has worked in media for over three decades from Ottawa...

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  • Tom Benson

    Media Services Editor

    From a 500-watt daytimer to corporate Program Director, Tom's career has spanned six decades.

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A&O&B Core Goals for Our Stations:

  • Increase revenue though increased ratings and promotional ideas
  • Maximize OM/PD/Talent performance
  • Facilitate digital strategies and initiatives
  • Provide music and perceptual research via our annual online perceptual study “Roadmap” and current and gold music online music testing via our company-owned “Hey Rate This” music software.
  • Navigate the changing music environment with music scheduling software recommendations and recommended music rotations.

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