Coaching, Mentoring and Morning Show Development

Talent is one of the greatest differentiators across stations. Yet we know that today’s time pressures on PDs can mean less time for coaching.

Growing and mentoring that talent is one of our passions. A&O&B’s in-depth monitors/air checking go well beyond a few paragraphs and some generalities. Our monitors are in-depth, with break-by-break critiques and ideas that PDs used to have the time to do.

Additionally, A&O&B has taken our investment in our clients’ talent to a new level by having our own, on-staff, morning show producer. Each weekday, major market morning show producer Dan Van supplies content ideas, audio, hot topics, tips and more.  Dan’s audio archive is searchable in the Clients Only section of our website giving your talent instant access to “make a difference” content.

We believe in high-touch and make our accessibility, coaching, and mentoring priorities.

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