Radio Station Consulting

Albright, O’Malley and Brenner are North America’s leading country radio consultants. Past and present clients include major broadcasters in the US and Canada as well as small groups and independents.

The company was formed in 1994 when Jaye and Mike merged their consulting businesses. Becky joined in 2012 and the company name was changed soon after from A&O to A&O&B.

A&O&B are experts in all aspects of radio programming as well as marketing strategies and tactics, social media, and digital. The company provides client stations with in-depth ratings analysis and custom qualitative and quantitative projects, and excels in talent and PD/OM coaching and mentoring.

Our morning show development plan includes coaching and mentoring as well as original and curated weekday morning show prep from our on-staff, major market Morning Show Producer, Dan Van.

Additionally A&O&B provides turnkey, monthly promotions for sales, digital presentations, and programming which are accessible 24/7 via our searchable, online database.

Clients also receive a daily “intelligence briefing” via our Wake Up Call newsletter. Contents includes original pieces from A&O&B as well as timely and relevant information culled from a variety of industry and non-industry sources.

At A&O&B, it’s personal – whether it’s fixed-time, on–demand access, or in-market visits.

We believe in high-touch and make our accessibility, coaching, and mentoring priorities.

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