Your 5 Step Plan for Making New Friends this Summer

From fairs to concerts and beyond, summers offer stations increased opportunities for interacting with listeners and potential listeners.

So an appropriate question for this weekend is, “What is your plan for the summer?”

A great plan isn’t just about where you’ll be and when, but what you’ll accomplish while you’re there.

Especially when it comes to engaging listeners and prospects.

If you haven’t yet finished developing this part of your plan, start with these five questions:


  1. Where and under what circumstances will I encounter listeners and prospects?
  2. What do I want the outcome of these encounters to be?
  3. What is my plan for achieving the desired results?
  4. What will make for a successful follow-up?
  5. How will success be measured?


You may well come up with different answers depending on the individual opportunities and circumstances.

Enjoy the summer – and the opportunities to make new friends and fans.


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